Saturday, 18 October 2008


Well folks what do you first rosette................a clear round in agility steeplechase jumping (and tunnels)?

Mum entered us in a local show and although both Ellie and I managed to get round all three courses set , it was Sacha that managed a clear round and within the time..........all this with only 9 lessons so far. (Ellies had 18 lessons.......but she is only 19 months old and i'm almost 3 and half)

Mum is so proud of me.

We are now training in a indoor riding school during the winter..............which is great as there is lots of poo to eat !!!!!!!

Whens the next comp mum ?.......... as we get whole sausages instead of little bits, when we do a clear round ???!!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Sacha. What a brilliant achievement.

Hope your success continues.


Andrew Campbell said...


well done, my dear! and that ribbon suits you so well. I love your smile with your mum.

all the best

Delilah and Rocket said...

Oh the color looks fab on you. Way to go girl.

ELLIE and SACHA said...

hey folks would a purple collar make me more attractive instead of my black one ?????????

Charlie said...

yay well done Sacha! Definitely get the purple collar - I find a dog can't have too many accessories. I have three collars now, but two of them are kindof the same. come to think of it I could use a new one myself!